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RIAEX, Inc. is a company specializing in artificial intelligence techniques as applied to data, including text, audio and video mining. RIAEX has fully developed semantic/semiotic technologies to detect signs of threats/anomalies in videos,audio and text. Extracting information and building models to forecast future activities, and other, more general knowledge discovery in data, text, audio and video are core competencies of RIAEX semantics/semiotics extraction technologies. RIAEX Patent: US20140244264 A1 . RIAEX would like to sell or license its Patent and product to potential prospective buyers or licensee.

Intuitive exploratory data analysis techniques will put organizations on the fast track, ahead of their competitors. Prediction using historical and current data will help organizations to manage resources more efficiently and increase returns on investment.

We have the software and the expertise to help any organization make more effective business decisions rapidly. RIAEX can help organizations manage terabytes of data with more agility by generating optimized work flow designs which facilitate actionable, intelligent decision making capabilities.
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