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Human Emotions Analysis
Human emotions are extremely complex. Emotion can neither be created nor destroyed. Emotion is the energizer. Lot of factors contribute human emotions to fluctuate in a given day. Human methods of perception or sense are : sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. Perception and emotion are traditionally considered separate. But human emotions provide a strong motivating influence on how the environment is perceived. For example, fear of the height, sad moods to visual illusions etc.

Human emotion detection/analytics can be applied to nearly endless use cases. There is a significant difference between human sentiment and human emotion. To address following specific questions:

  • How will you identify human emotion in written text?
  • How can you predict human emotion in video files/streams?
  • How will you analyze human emotion in audio?

RIAEX offers a comprehensive integrated solution using semiotic analysis to extract and quantify human emotion from text, audio and video contents.
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